Automatic cupfilling and sealing machine(Pneumati)

Automatic cupfilling and sealing machine(Pneumati)

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Automatic cupfilling and sealing machine (Pneumatic)

CFD-8 Automatic cup filling and sealing machine(Pneumatic):-

This series is broadly used in a range of different kinds of plastic cup for fluid filling and sealing. It can robotically without any human intervention cease the process of filling, sealing, cutting, printing the code, cleaning thoroughly in ultraviolet rays and falling cup etc. Additionally, it can be custom made as per the desired needs and requirements of the end users depending on their specific needs.

Parameter :

  • Source : 220V/50HZ 5.0kw
  • Capacity : 7000-10000cups/hour
  • Temperature : 0-300℃
  • Seal material : PEPP PET/PE